Soweto Swimming Tournament

Soweto Swimming Tournament (SST) is a platform for qualifying swimmers to compete and  celebrate swimming as a aquatic sport . The tournament aim to attract swimmers from around the country with focus on the inspiring growing number of swimmers who are taking part in swimming sport.

Under the Soweto Swimming Tournament (SST) umbrella we will also implement community building programs such as water safety to educate and give awareness to the kids and community about the importance of water safety. Physical and mental health is becoming more and more of a concern to our communities, and we believe swimming can be very instrumental dealing with this key societal problem.

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Tournament Overview

The objective of the Tournament is to attract not only competitors but also the community at large. The Tournament will be made up of various competitive and non-competitive formats. To reach our objective and reach our objectives the SST will be rolled out in 3 phases.

Phase 1. (Pre main Day activities)

This activities and programs will mainly be for project awareness, marketing and activations roll out.

Phase 2. (Main Event)

The main event will be strategically dated with the following

  •  Lifesaving Water safety demonstration
  • Swimmers competing
  • Stakeholders Speeches and Sponsors Engagement Slots
  • Prize giving ceremony

Phase 3. ( Post Event Programmes)

This phase will be for post event programs rollout, event
postpartum and reports to all stakeholders and sponsors.

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